Coral Island Cruise

This is a beautiful one day cruise for both divers and non divers that combine sun & sea with a BBQ & wine lunch.

boat departs from the Eilat Marina at about 10:00 AM & cruises towards the Israeli & Egyptian border terminals.

The Island lays just a few Km' south of the Egyptian border. It is topped by a crusader era castle; this castle was rebuilt by the Egyptian government according to Saladin's original plans.
The boat moors on the south side of the Island where the best diving is. Certified divers can dive an underwater canyon that extends from about 6 m' depth to beyond 30 m'. For non certified divers a dive guide can be arranged for an extra charge. Non divers can also snorkel the shallow reef or sunbathe on the deck while the boat crew prepares the BBQ.

Divers will usually have a second shallower dive in the very rich coral reef before sitting down to eat.

The meal is Middle-Eastern BBQ style with Kebabs & various salads, accompanied by table wine. The return trip is smooth and relaxing and there is much to see; the Princess Hotel, the Under Water Observatory, the Coral Beach Nature Reserve, the Oil Port, the Dolphin Reef  in which, very often, we are met by dolphins just outside of it. They like visiting boats, and photographs may be taken. Then we continue to the Port of Eilat and finely we shall visit Jordanian border where guests can view the panoramic bay of Aquaba city before returning to the marina.

The boat docks at the Eilat Marina at about 5:30 PM.